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Facebook Live Training

Marketing | Facebook Live Training for Network Marketing and Direct Sales Professionals

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook recently, you’ve probably heard the buzz about Facebook Live. You might have even seen a broadcast or two playing on your news feed.

After watching these broadcasts you’re probably wondering, how could I use this cool tool to grow my biz? 

Could it help me attract new leads, recruit new biz builders, or be able to train my team?

The answer to all of the above is YES – and if you want to reach more people with your products and biz opportunity, you’ll love this training I recently gave on how to use Facebook LIVE to grow your network marketing/direct sales business. Like you, I heard about all the buzz and wanted to check it out for myself, which is why I picked up my smartphone and filmed this live training using the actual FB Live tool.

While the training below isn’t live anymore, it will still give you a sense of how the tool works and how you can use it to grow your own network marketing/direct sales business.

You Can Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Biz In Many Ways:

::   women-650_100214010208Build out a larger network of friends and new business prospects
::   Sell more products by hosting live, virtual parties or product demos
::   Recruit new business builders through live, virtual “opportunity meetings”
::   Turn your current customers into new biz partners
::   Keep your team motivated and in action even during the slower seasons
::   Create new relationships and build a team anywhere in the world

Be sure to grab a pen or something to take notes because this training covers several important ways you can use Facebook LIVE to grow your team, and you’ll want to jot ’em all down!

By: Sonia Stringer

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