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financial intelligence

What is financial intelligence?

The relationship between financial intelligence and professional sales

Financial intelligence in its simplicity is very difficult. Because this is a relatively simple task that many people cannot afford.

Once upon a time, buying housing, saving, buying coins and gold was one of the most important and best ways to acquire wealth and the most common method of financial intelligence. But have these coins and gold ever caused the loss of part of the investor’s money?!

A person’s ability to solve his and others’ financial problems is called financial IQ.
Next, we will examine the relationship between financial intelligence and professional sales.

financial intelligence

What is meant by financial literacy?

Financial knowledge; It’s not about working hard or working hard or even trying to make a lot of money! Rather, financial literacy is the process of solving simple problems and becoming empowered to solve bigger and more complex problems. There are many people who earn a lot of money but are still not rich and they have to earn money and earn money and this cycle will continue.

What effect does financial intelligence have on professional sales?

Before entering more seriously into the discussion of financial intelligence and its effect on professional sales, it is better to know how much we know about changing money laws!

Sometimes, most of the investor’s capital is lost due to fluctuations in the price of coins, gold, real estate, and the dollar, and in some cases, the person will no longer be able to continue economic activity and is bankrupt in the common term, so this one important reason is enough to show that this method is not a good way to invest and get rich at least, or at least we are convinced that the monetary rules have changed and maybe we are not well aware of these monetary rule changes. Housing, coins, gold and dollars, which used to be the best and most reliable way to increase our capital, will no longer be a very reliable way.

Maybe up to 20 years ago, having a diploma or an associate’s degree was suitable and a solution, but today’s changes, in addition to higher education degrees; It also requires new skills. Skills such as having digital literacy, very specific individual skills and…

So, at the beginning, accepting that the money rules in the world have changed and we are required to learn these new rules is an important step on the way to professional sales and wealth accumulation.

Just as we will never become a skier by buying ski equipment, but training and practice under the supervision of a skilled instructor will bring us closer to becoming a skier.

financial intelligence

It is interesting to know that many people do not know the difference between freelancing and business. In the case of freelancing, a person is not an employee of anyone, but still has the limitation of attendance and if he does not show up at his workplace.

Among these types of jobs, we can mention shop keeping and…

But in business, even in the absence of a person, sales and income remain, and his business will compensate for his absence.

In the following, we will examine two types of problems. The problem of lack of money and its concerns and the problems and issues of rich people!

The first type problem (the problem of lack of money and its concerns):

  • Not having enough money
  • Using loans to compensate for financial shortfalls
  • The staggering cost of living
  • Paying more taxes to make more money
  • Fear of emergencies
  • Bad financial advice
  • Not having enough money to retire

The problem of the second type (problems of rich people):

  • Having too much money
  • The need to maintain and invest it
  • The need for smarter financial advisors
  • Inheritance planning
  • Heavy taxes

The choice of which type of problem you have is up to you! Which suffering would you rather have for yourself and your family?

Let’s examine a simple example of not paying attention to solving simple problems. You have a problem in math class and you ignore this problem. Usually, these results will obtain for you with a few changes in the following order.

First, you hate math, because of that hate, you don’t do your homework properly, and finally you can’t solve math problems, so you fail the math exam and it’s over. You will not have time to study in high school and you will have to make do with low income.

Let’s look at a similar example of a toothache. When the toothache starts, you will feel bad and then you will be nervous and you will not behave well with others. Not paying enough attention to work and being fired from the workplace will be due to inattention! Now, if the toothache continues, the inability to pay the rent will be added to the toothache!

Now you better understand the importance of solving problems and the consequences of running away from the problem and ignoring it.

A look at 5 aspects of financial intelligence:

financial intelligence

1- Making more money:

Making more money is the first of the 5 aspects of financial intelligence. You should always look for a way to sell more and increase income and think how is it possible to have more income?!

2- Saving money:

The second of the five aspects of financial intelligence, is saving money, which is more important than earning money. Because it affects financial intelligence.

3-Money budgeting:

If you want extra money, you may have no choice but to use the third of the five aspects of financial intelligence, which is budgeting.

4- Use of money:

The use of money is a challenge that you will have after budgeting. In this case, how to use money will be raised from the five aspects of financial intelligence.

5- Upgrading financial information:

“You have to walk before you run” is a proverb that shows that we should learn the basics and principles of financial intelligence before we want to earn extraordinary profits.

Let’s not forget that these 5 aspects of financial intelligence will be useful together and each of them will not be effective alone.

Sometimes knowing financial intelligence is not so difficult. Two people who have the same income, whoever can pay less tax has higher financial intelligence.

5 secrets about financial intelligence that you should know:

financial intelligence

Pay yourself:

Pay yourself first before any payment.

Learn the rules of the money and wealth game, then enter the game and learn:

One of the things that should be considered in financial intelligence is not to enter a game until you know the rules. Also, don’t stop after learning and move on.

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Cost the investment:

If you are waiting for the day when you will have enough money to save, you are very wrong. So spend first to realize your savings.

Turn your savings into something that will increase in value day by day:

Keeping money is a mistake, and by saving money, you have greatly reduced its value unless you have invested it somewhere safe.


In the end, a lot of money does not make you rich, but it is financial intelligence that makes you rich and powerful.


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