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Dr. Ali Ghavami

Founder & CEO at Succourad International Business Team

Over 20 years of continuous efforts and activities and life-long knowledge acquisition in various administrative, scientific, and economic fields; launching several start-up and online businesses as well as providing Coaching, Training, Consulting, and Mentoring to more than 60,000 entrepreneurs, investors, companies, and other businesses in Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, India, Iran, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Tajikistan, Turkey, UAE, UK, and USA were in different areas: “Entrepreneurship”, “Branding & Marketing”, “Improve & Growth Business (at Provincial, National, Regional, and International levels)”, “Investing”, and etc.

From when a business idea is formed in the entrepreneur’s mind to starting a business, booming sales, and then developing its various dimensions, it is accompanied by many problems and challenges. Therefore, at Succourad Business Team, we decided to provide all the concerns and needs of idea makers, entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, etc. in the most diverse and complete services.

Dr Ali Ghavami

Dr. Ali Ghavami

Founder & CEO at Succourad Team

PhD Of Technological Entrepreneurship

Member Of the AMA

Dr Ali Ghavami
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Succourad Specialized Services to +1,000,000 Customers in 16 Countries

SUCCOURAD ACADEMY | Center of Business Skills Training

Being an employee is not bad at all, but let’s be honest and admit that the salary is not enough. very good; You might ask, so what kind of job is suitable for us and can I achieve my dreams with its help? We offer you entrepreneurship.

In order to start and manage a successful business, an entrepreneur needs to learn various skills in addition to receiving business advice from experienced consultants. The ability to correctly apply the acquired knowledge and use it in starting and managing a business shows the level of an entrepreneur’s specialized skills.

These skills are different in the establishment and development of various businesses (Training Packages, Courses, e-Books, etc.) and it is certain that every business needs special skills and specialized knowledge for its growth and development.

Don't know what your Obstacles to Success or Business Problems are?

Are you planning to improve your personal skills, start a business, or improve and develop your business, but don’t know where to start? Nothing to worry about.

Experienced professors and young but well-known and experienced professionals of Succourad Business Team are by your side step by step and help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of yourself or your business overcome the obstacles one by one in the development path and conquer the peaks of success one after another.

The Result of The Trust of The Clients

  • Mehran Zargar

    Consultant: Dr. Farnaz Zamani

  • Farah Evini

    Consultant: Dr. Ali Ghavami

  • Parnian Moniri

    Instructor: Mrs. Fariba Yousefi

  • Morteza Ahmadi

    Consultant: Dr. Ali Ghavami

  • Azadeh Bahmanyar

    Coach: Dr. Afrooz Gheysar

  • Ali Farahani

    Mentor: Dr. Ali Ghavami


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