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Economic Consulting

Economic & Investment Consulting

The simplest definition that can be given of economic consulting is: Analyzing and examining various theories and strategies to increase the economic growth of businesses and their development. It is worth mentioning that the economy has many branches, one of its important areas is related to the development of various businesses.

In this field, things like: producer, consumer, how to distribute goods and etc. are examined. With the description, according to the range of factors examined in relation to businesses, a good economic consultancy should consider and examine all internal and external factors affecting the economy of a business.

Faculty Members in Field of "Economic & Investment"

Top Instructors & Specialists

Mohammadali Bahmani

مشاور مالی و سرمایه‌گذاری

اگر به سرمایه گذاری و کسب سود در بازارهای مختلف…

Ziba Pazirofteh

Entrepreneurship, Management, Investment & Financial Consultant

If you are having trouble making a decision about Entrepreneurship,…

Mahvash Nikpour

مشاور اقتصاد، تجارت و بازرگانی

اگر بعنوان کارآفرین یا فعال اقتصادی به دنبال حضور مقتدارنه…

Saye Ghadimi

مشاور حسابداری، مالی و مالیاتی

اگر به دنبال رفع مشکلات و چالشهای حسابداری، ملی و…

Enayatollah Najibzadeh

مشاور اقتصادی و سرمایه گذاری

اگر بعنوان سرمایه‌گذار، کارآفرین و یا فعال اقتصادی به دنبال…

Ayoub Moradian

مشاور حسابداری و مالی

اگر بدنبال رفع اصولی و زیربنایی مسائل و مشکلات حسابداری،…

Nazanin Alibaygi

Analytical & Trading Consultant in Financial Markets

If you are looking for learning, analysis and profitable trading…

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Who is an Economic Consultant?

A person who specializes in consulting on work and related issues is called an economic consultant. Economic consultants are not limited to one category; the following are the people who can act as consultants:

Economic Activists:

Since these people have business experience, they can give good advice in this field. Economic activists usually have the ability to analyze and investigate the market, that’s why they can identify opportunities and threats well. Of course, you can’t get help from all of them because sometimes they refuse to say important things because of competition.

Educated People:

Other people who can be helped as economic consultants are educated people. These people give good advice in the field of business because of the research and materials they have studied, but because they have not dealt with such issues closely, maybe their solutions aren’t adequate enough to achieve success.

Specialist Consultants:

Specialist consultants are not limited to education or psychology, but they can also consult applicants in the field of business. In addition to the education they have acquired in this field, these people have also gained research and experience, for this reason, they can be of great help to those who want to make a decision for their business.

What are the duties of an Economic Consultant?

There may be many duties for an economic consultant, and we mention the most important ones. Among the duties that the consultant is responsible for, the following can be mentioned:

  • A consultant must have the ability to recognize and analyze opportunities; in which conditions the most profit is obtained is one of the other issues that the consultant must present to the applicant.
  • An economic consultant must know all the terms and concepts that exist in business, so that he can give the necessary advice to the applicants.
  • Having knowledge of foreign exchange, gold, coin, stock exchange, housing, etc. markets is one of the other duties of an economic consultant. When he is familiar with these markets, he can produce more and better results with the necessary advice.
  • Another important requirement that an economic consultant should be aware of is the recognition of unnecessary losses and costs, by introducing them to the applicant, it can help him progress.
  • The economic field has its own rules and regulations, the economic consultant has the task of knowing and familiarizing themselves with all of them.
  • If the client has no idea for a business, the economic consultant should be able to introduce quick and profitable businesses.

Marketing & Sales Consulting

By receiving consulting from the professional and successful experts of Succourad, guarantee the success of your business, booming sales and increasing your income!

Economic Consultant and its consulting fields

In general, an economic consultant can advise and guide clients in two areas, the above cases are as follows:


  • The consultant can give advice to those who intend to invest or who want to increase the profit of the investment they have made.
  • Or people who want to invest in huge amounts but do not know the right opportunity can also get guidance from an economic consultant.
  • Even the representatives of the company can get advice from the consultant for investment and planning in this field.


Everyone has expectations from the business they have started, for example:

  • Some people want to make more profit in their business.
  • Others like to get more out of their business.
  • Some people are also looking for a way to reduce costs.
  • Many people are also looking for a way to cover their financial expenses.

Investment Consulting

The main purpose of investing is for people to put their savings in the market so that their money can multiply and help the market cycle.

Some investors want to play an active role in managing the growth of their money, but others prefer to leave all matters to the consultant, which means that people who want to be responsible for all matters themselves usually suffer losses and their investments.

Investment Consulting

Why investment Consultant?

It is difficult for everyone to know where to invest their money in order to make a profit, only experienced investors can be sure about how the investment will perform. This is why many people know the value of financial consultants because they are the only ones who can give them the correct and professional guidance.

By using an experienced consultant, investors can check the market with a better view and more confidently enter their property into the business cycle. Using a consultant in investment can reduce the risk of bankruptcy and financial loss to less or even zero.

Who is an investment Consultant?

An investment consultant is a person or a group of people who, through direct or indirect management, examines the client’s assets and performs analyzes according to the budget that the person wants to invest, so that he can manage his assets to benefit. By formulating investment strategies for clients who want to make profit from their assets, consultants make plans and help them meet their needs and reach their financial goals.

Investment Consulting Subgroups

  • Stock Exchange consulting
  • Crypto Currencies exploration and mining consultancy
  • Crypto Currencies investment consulting
  • Banking and Facilities affairs
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