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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1- Any action by the users that leads to damage to the reputation, credit, and assets of Succourad will be considered a violation of the contractual and legal conditions. Succourad has the right to block the offending user’s account and, if necessary, take legal measures against the offending party and demand damages and legal rights.

2- Users are not allowed to attempt to extract the source code of the Succourad system, including decompile, reverse engineering, or similar activities, unless permission to do so has been issued legally.

3- If for any reason, Succourad concludes that any of the users can threaten the security of the business or other users, at its discretion, it is allowed to block the user’s account or not provide it with any services temporarily or permanently.

If users do not comply with the obligations of these terms and laws or their access to Succourad services is dangerous or undesirable, Succourad has the right to remove the said user’s access to its services. In this case, the user will not have the right to raise any claim or objection.

4- By monitoring and conducting user surveys at the end of the provided services, Succourad tries to give users the best quality services.

Terms and conditions for Faculty Members: Teachers, Consultants, Translators, etc.

1- Consulting on this site is equivalent to consulting in the consultant’s office, and the consultant is responsible for any wrong advice or damage to the clients.

2- Any communication or provision of services with the consultee must be made through the Succourad channel and with the prior notice of this business group. In case of direct contact with the consultee, the consultant’s dedicated page and user account will be blocked. After deducting the damage caused to Succourad, the financial settlement will be made with the consultant. Obviously, the consultant waives the right to any objection in this case.

3- In case of consultee dissatisfaction or at the discretion of the management, Succourad will return the payment to the user account of the consultee and will refer the consultation to another related consultant at the exact cost.

4- If the documents provided by the consultee indicate lousy advice or the provision of untrue information by the consultant, it will be considered as damage to the reputation of Succourad, and there is a possibility of cutting off access or deleting the consultant’s profile.

5- The Succourad Business Group website is a communication platform. The responsibility of activities and content published in the consultants’ profiles or other parts of the site is the responsibility of the respective consultant.

6- The administrators of Succourad are not responsible for any legal or moral responsibility towards users or third parties, companies or organizations, or judicial authorities regarding the communications made or the content written by users.

7- The fee for Succurad services to consultants (including support fee, “SMS” service fee, server hosting fee, advertising and marketing fee, and banking service fee) is 30%, which is weekly and subject to compliance with the provisions of Succourad, at the time of settlement will be deducted. The remaining amount will be deposited to the declared card number (active bank card in the consultant’s name).

8- Consultants are obliged to comply with all laws, guidelines, customs, and relevant field procedures in providing advice and counseling.

Terms and Conditions for Customers: Students, Consultable, etc.

1- After registering the request for expert advice, Succourad experts will contact you to coordinate and set the time. So please answer your phone.

2- The time and place of the face-to-face consultation will be determined and announced with the coordination of the consultation clinic expert.

3- After each counseling session, Succourad will do an evaluation. If the evaluation score is less than 30, up to 50% of the consultation fee will be refunded.

4- If the consultee cancels the agreed meeting, the next meeting will be postponed for another two weeks. If the client requests a refund after cancellation, Succourad will deduct 60% of the amount, and 40% will be returned to the client.

5- To evaluate the counseling session, Succourad experts will call you three times; if you do not respond, you will no longer be able to take this survey.

6- The only way to contact the experts of Succourad Counseling Clinic is by phone number (+98) 21 2842 3889 or by sending a message through Telegram to the number (+1) 530 690 0096 between 9 am and 6 pm.

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