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Engineering Consulting

Safety & Technical-Engineering Consulting

Companies and workshops that operate in the field of technical projects are considered to be one of the most important business units. Many factories and production workshops that operate in the field of export and domestic demand need to use technical knowledge at least in part of their work.

Faculty Members in Field of "Safety & Technical-Engineering"

Top Instructors & Specialists

Parisa Ahmadi

EIA & Solar Panels Consultant

If you are concerned about the EIA of your factory…

Omid Ashkani

مشاور سیستم‌های فنی و کیفی

اگر به دنبال تفکر و برنامه ریزی استراتژیک و یا…

Tara Alimiri

Consultant of QC, R&D, Technical Implementation, and Sales in Food Industry

If you need help with Entrepreneurship, QC, R&D, Technical Implementation,…

Shirin Enayati

Business Startup & Improvement Consultant

If you are faced with multidimensional issues and problems as…

Sare Izadi

Mechanical Engineering Consultant

If you are looking to solve the problems of complex…

Elahe Ranjbari

Consultant of Industrial Design & Environment

If you want to solve your challenges in the field…

Mahdi Nourmohammadi

مشاور حقوقی | مشاور شهرسازی

اگر به دنبال رفع مشکلات حقوقی و تخصصی املاک و…

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Technical-Engineering Consulting

The Technical-Engineering consulting contract is a practical contract for such organizations. This contract is a type of consulting contract that creates a kind of working relationship between an expert and a business organization and improves the working conditions of the organization.

Technical-Engineering Consulting Services

It can be acknowledged that one of the most important parts of providing services by consulting engineers is the technical and engineering consulting services that are performed by top engineers in projects. Among the services provided by consulting engineers in this field, the following important items can be included:

  • Preparation and adjustment of technical and operational standards, rules and criteria.
  • Conceptual, basic, detailed and executive design.
  • Engineering control.
  • Supervision of project implementation, installation and operation.
  • Engineering ancillary services.

Main duties of technical-engineering consulting services

  • Answering specialized questions in the field of the technical and engineering part of the project,
  • Evaluating possible defects and problems,
  • Checking the possibility of errors and problems,
  • Checking the implementation process of the project and ensuring the correctness of the steps taken,
  • Advice on choosing the best work method,
  • Advice on the expansion method of business,
  • And etc. are among the services that the technical and engineering consultant provides to various organizations and companies.

Construction Engineering Consulting

The construction consultant engineer is very experienced, intelligent and professional who provides consulting work individually or as a member of the engineering group for the implementation and advancement of the project in the company of consulting engineers or to the engineer who provides construction consulting work.

What are the duties of construction consultant engineers?

Construction consultant engineers are responsible for coordinating the work and affairs of group members; A consulting engineer provides expertise and leadership in the planning, design, modification, or reconstruction of public and private infrastructure.

Construction consultant engineers provide specialized services to public and private organizations, on the other hand, they work as independent representatives and advocates for their clients and are responsible for finding creative solutions to technical problems and providing strategic advice for business and Provide civil and construction project management.

Consulting engineering companies are responsible for the design and construction of the major part of public infrastructure.

Architectural engineering consulting

Today, architecture and building design is one of the most popular jobs, which, in addition to expressing the architect’s thoughts and taste, is considered as a kind of culture and its transmission for future generations.

In fact, it is the architecture and design of the building that gives meaning and concept to vast and meaningless spaces and places people next to each other by creating interaction.

One of the examples of work that can help us in this direction and make us have the best buildings that suit the culture and other structures in the city are building design and architecture consultants.

Services of Architectural engineering consultant

1. Research, consulting
2. Design and construction
3. Providing special services

Food industry engineering

Food industry engineering is an interdisciplinary field related to several different scientific and engineering fields. The main work of this field is the production and preservation of food. The focus is on improving the food production process in various ways.

Duties and responsibilities of food industry engineers:

  • Conducting research to find more efficient ways of producing the product.
  • Inventing techniques for food processing, packaging and preservation.
  • Monitoring the processes and equipment used in product production.
  • Development and design of new equipment for use in the production process.
  • Research and development of new food.
  • Solving problems related to shelf life, packaging and distribution of food.

Marketing & Sales Consulting

By receiving consulting from the professional and successful experts of Succourad, guarantee the success of your business, booming sales and increasing your income!

HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) Consulting

With HSE consulting services, reduce environmental risks and consequences caused by activities and increase the satisfaction of stakeholders.

The HSE consultant defines the implementation methods and instructions required for the safety management system, HSE occupational health for your contractors.

The final goal of the requirements of the safety management system, HSE occupational health, is the integration of safety and environment in the organizational culture.


What does HSE Consulting do?

• Preparation of Gap Analysis report according to HSE safety management system requirements.
• Analyzing the root causes of accidents and quasi-accidents.
• Elaboration of HSE safety, environmental health and safety goals and plans.
• Identification of safety behavior of processes.
• Incident investigation and mitigation planning.
• Hazard identification and risk assessment.
• Identifying environmental aspects.
• Corrective and preventive action plan.
• Safety management system training, HSE occupational health.
• Compilation of implementation methods and necessary instructions for contractors.
• Internal audit of the HSE safety, occupational health and environmental management system.
• And etc.

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