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financial intelligence

How to Make Money through Financial Intelligence?

Financial intelligence is a solution that can help us increase our income and double our money. In fact, knowing the foundation of economics, making money and investing correctly, makes us make the right financial decisions in our business.

Types of financial intelligence

Financial intelligence includes 5 different types and aspects, all of which end in success and none of them is superior to the other. By strengthening each type of national intelligence, you can be a successful and wealthy person:

  1. Financial intelligence to earn more money
  2. Financial intelligence to save money
  3. Financial intelligence for money planning and budgeting
  4. Financial intelligence to use money
  5. Financial intelligence, to improve the awareness of applying financial knowledge

Characteristics of people with high financial intelligence

People with high financial intelligence have the following characteristics, if you have the following behavioral signs, you have high financial intelligence:

  1. Having short-term plans to achieve a long-term plan
  2. Has specific and targeted operational plans and ideas
  3. Investing and saving a fixed part of the income according to the total amount of income
  4. Cost management according to income
  5. As much as possible, reduce debts and use other people’s capital to acquire new markets
  6. Consultation with business coach, specialists and experts
  7. Continuous learning of new skills and strategies to improve earning

financial intelligence

What are the solutions to increase financial intelligence?

In this section, we have explained the solutions to increase financial intelligence:

Time is the biggest capital

Time is the biggest capital that every human has in his life, so it is necessary to use it optimally. Financial intelligence techniques help to identify and avoid time wasting times with practice and awareness. Getting used to wasting time eventually leads to frustration and laziness.

Creating a rich mind

If you haven’t had a good financial situation so far, you have a set of negative thoughts about getting money. To have a rich mind, you need to correct the poor mind.

As long as you hold on to negative thoughts that prevent you from achieving your goals, things will never change. The first step to achieving more income is the desire to earn more and refrain from spending more. Financial intelligence means the art of financial wise thinking, so it is necessary to look at financial issues with an intelligent perspective.

Goal setting and planning

After deciding to have a rich mind and forget limiting thoughts, you reach the stage of goal setting and planning. It is necessary to act quickly after setting short-term goals that lead to long-term goals.

Remember to stay in the review and goal setting phase for a long time, wherever you are along the way you can modify your planning with flexibility.

Adjustment of income and expenditure

One of the main causes of poverty is having the mentality of borrowing and getting loans to buy things that we cannot afford. Also, unnecessary costs and expenses that make us not have the power to save and invest.

One of the secrets of rich people is that if they get a loan, they use it in investment opportunities to multiply their money.
Rich people save and invest before spending and spend the remaining amount; But poor people spend to the extent that if there is an extra amount, they will save it.

Make your mind empty and light

Pay off your debts quickly so that the pressure of thinking about debt does not weigh heavily on your shoulders, so that you can soar in the sky of infinite success with an open mind and creative ideas for progress and earning high income.

Do not use loans and save as much as possible, even if the amount is small, get used to this and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Investing in learning

Having awareness and financial intelligence is a valuable asset that is created through learning. Using the experiences and training of successful people plays a significant role in strengthening financial intelligence.

Therefore, we suggest that you give yourself the opportunity to study and learn to achieve your financial goals by creating the necessary space for growth and development.

financial intelligence

Determining effective financial goals in financial intelligence

There are several ways to set and achieve goals. In this section, we teach you a simple method to determine and achieve financial goals so that you can strengthen your financial intelligence.

Specific goal

Your financial goals should be specific and detailed. In other words, your goals should not be general. You need to understand and know your purpose and know what are false goals.

Measurable goal

Financial goals should be measurable. In other words, you should see the growth and development of your financial and investment success.

Achievable goal

You should set goals that are not far from reality. Your goals should be simple, accessible and achievable.

True goal

Your financial goals must be realistic. You should set these goals in completely logical (not emotional) terms.

Tangible target

Your goals should be tangible or physical. In this case, you can see and even touch your target.

Motivational goal

If your goals don’t motivate you to try and keep going, you may get tired of your actions. So set goals that will increase your motivation.

If you have any questions about “financial intelligence”, you can contact the experts who are working in this field with Succourad and get answers to your questions.

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Always ask for help from people who are financially savvy and successful in their professional life. There may be problems in your financial and investment path that you cannot solve alone with your financial intelligence. Take your worries away and socialize with successful people and learn new tips. So, don’t limit your learning world. Be learning every day and every moment and empower your financial intelligence.


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