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Public Relations Consulting

PR, Negotiation & Effective Communication Consulting

Public Relations (PR) is the art of communicating in order to inform the audience, as well as creating the ground to receive the expectations and demands of the audience to move in its direction.

Public relations devotes all its efforts to regulating the relations between the organization and the people, it intelligently tries to implement the organization’s goals and plans by relying on ethical principles and professional mission in the form of program work in order to realize and protect the interests of the organization and the people.

Faculty Members in Field of "PR, Negotiation and Effective Communication"

Top Instructors & Specialists

Vajihe Salmani

Communication & Public Relationship Consultant

If you are looking to solve your communication challenges, communicate…

Vahid Shabani

مشاور رسانه، گویندگی و نویسندگی

اگر به دنبال فردی مجرب برای راه اندازی یا تقویت…

Zohreh Mostofifar

مشاور بازاریابی و فروش

اگر در فضای پررقابت کنونی بدنبال موفقیت تضمینی و داشتن…

Nazanin Nouri

مشاور بازاریابی، فروش و مذاکرات تجاری

اگر بعنوان کارآفرین یا فعال اقتصادی به دنبال رشد کسب…

Nazanin Nazari

مشاور توسعه فردی و امور بیمه

اگر به عنوان فعال حوزه بیمه قصد دارید مشتریان وفادار…

Maryam Aeini

مشاور روانشناسی استرس و بحران

اگر به کارآفرینی یا ورود به بازارهای جدید علاقمندید اما…

Farzaneh Pourshaban

مشاور شغلی و توانمندسازی مهارت‌های مدیران

اگر بعنوان کارآفرین و یا فعال اقتصادی به دنبال موفقیت،…

Maryam Tayeb

مشاور روابط عمومی، فن بیان و گویندگی

اگر بعنوان یک کارآفرین یا فعال اقتصادی به دنبال تولید…

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Three main advantages of Public Relations

  1. Increases brand credibility.
  2. The audience attracts the target.
  3. It creates added value.

Types of Public Relations (PR)

Negative Public Relation

In negative public relations, instead of focusing on improving the organization’s image, public relations professionals focus on destroying the reputation of rival businesses.

Positive and effective Public Relations

Public relations will be effective if all the following conditions are met:

  • Awareness: To create a positive image of the organization, the message must reach the audience. For an effective public relations, the information should be sent to the audience in the desired way.
  • Acceptance: The recipient must understand what the message was sent with the purpose of transmission and agree with the message.
  • Action: The audience should provide appropriate feedback to the organization.

What does public relations do?

Public relations activities begin with building reputation and credibility, positioning and helping an organization find its place as a credible authority in the industry. For this purpose, it is very important to gain credit through conventional methods along with creativity and innovation. Also, public relations helps companies in critical situations to maintain the reputation and credibility that they have worked hard to gain over the years.

Effective communication is a relationship in which the other party receives and understands your message as accurately as possible. Most communication professionals place the main responsibility for effective communication on the sender.

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Practical Tips for Effective Communication in Negotiation

  • Determine your purpose of Communication:
    If you enter the meeting without any purpose, people can easily enter your positions and privacy and cause severe conflict. So don’t forget that the more clear you are in your goal, the better your audience will know you.
    – Note: Be sure to respect the wishes and messages of the other person and let her be heard.

  • Focus on messaging:
    A successful negotiator is someone who has worked on and knows verbal messages and body language. When to use which. The more expert you are in these two important processes, the more effective you will be in communicating with people.
    – Note: A smile is one of the most important signs of human body language that gives Sinhalese to the other party.

  • Mirror the speech and tone of the other person:
    One of the tricks you can use to influence relationships; It creates the opposite reaction.
    – Note: It is only through clairvoyance that you can obtain the model of people and use it as a communication technique.

  • Consider the feelings of others:
    With the respect you give them, you allow them to express their feelings and have no fear of arguing with you.
    – Note: In official conversations, it is important to hide our feelings and not to mix with business. But if you are too dry and cold, effective communication in negotiation is eliminated. And people use certain policies to communicate with you.

  • Plan:
    The art of effective communication is to plan ahead. Keep practicing out loud the messages you want to convey to your client or opponent.
    – Note: Planning for negotiation is one of the main processes without which successful negotiation will not be possible.

  • Postpone:
    Sometimes, in order to be exposed to more interaction, it is better to postpone some information or negotiation to another time. If you plan to partner with someone in business or investment, it is necessary to increase the number of meetings to understand mutual behavior. The more exposure you have to relationships, the more honest and long-lasting you will be.
    – Note: The effect of this group of techniques is powerful and professional and puts you on the path of professional conversation. It will be effective even in everyday relationships.
Effective Communication

Some things that help us to have a better expression are:

  • Voicing and breathing exercises
  • We help to attract the audience by correct pronunciation, by speaking firmly and speaking fluently and with the right tone of voice.
  • We will help to convey the meaning by speaking and pronouncing the words at the right speed
  • The tone of speech, which is exactly related to the feeling of the speaker when speaking, and the way of expression is much more important than the type of words to convey the meaning.
  • Practicing increasing and using appropriate vocabulary will help to improve speaking skills
  • Harmony of body language with the chosen words

At least for these 3 reasons, everyone should be familiar with the techniques of speaking and persuasion:

  • Almost everyone in their life is in a situation where they have to speak for a group, want to defend their opinions or need to convince someone. So it is better to prepare ourselves for that day.
  • Employees of any position are ranked and promoted based on public speaking ability and communication skills as one of the most important skills to acquire.
  • The power of words and the ability to persuade others regardless of your social status can make a big difference in your work, in your life, or even in the world.

Remember that the first mistake in negotiation is the last mistake

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