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Did you know that all of us, whether in the field of personal or business issues, need the help and guidance of experienced people over and over to make the right and optimal choice, choices that may completely change or transform our life path?!

The story of Succourad Team

Succourad Business Team started providing education and consulting services to individuals and small businesses on January 5th, 2013, under Dr. Ali Ghavami and two other prominent university professors. And in June 2016, after increasing the number of its experts, it continued its activity under the brand name “Succour.” Since October 2018, with the support of the knowledge of its experienced team members and expanding services to entrepreneurs, startups, knowledge-based companies, and other small, medium, and large economic enterprises throughout Iran and the world and after structural reform and changing the brand name to “Succourad” it entered a new field by relying on modern methodologies and considering professional values ​​and beliefs.

How can the Succourad Business Team help you?

If you have decided to become an entrepreneur or investor if you have an idea but don’t have enough capital to commercialize it, or even if you have the capital but no idea to start a profitable business, ask Succourad Faculty Members for help!
That’s when our best and most experienced consultants in various business fields will be by your side as mentors, advisors, or tutors and will accompany you to the end of your path to success. Our experts will meet all your needs, such as market analysis, competitor analysis, personalized practical training, targeted consulting, investor attraction, human resource management, effective communication, legal issues, etc. So never forget our slogan:

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