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Programming Consulting

Programming, Web, SEO & Cyber Security Consulting

Programming various computer systems and converting traditional businesses to electronic businesses is possible and achievable using the knowledge and experience of expert software engineers.

According to what was said about the extensive changes in this knowledge, the need for consultation before ordering the programming of various systems, especially the systems that have a large extent, will reduce risks and reduce the fixed and variable costs of project implementation.

Faculty Members in Field of "Programming, Web, SEO & Cyber Security"

Top Instructors & Specialists

Vida Rezaei

WordPress Designer & Consultant

If you need an expert and experienced programmer to design…

Nika Tehrani

Technical SEO Specialist & Consultant

If you need professional SEO strategy in Google using data…

Arpine Petakchyan

Software Quality Assurance Engineer & Consultant

If you really want to make a difference in your…

Qazal Shafiei

PHP & Laravel Development Consultant

If you are an experienced PHP and Laravel framework expert…

Fatemeh Jafari

Java & Application Development Consultant

If you need a capable leader for your software development…

Sepideh Gavanji

UI/UX, SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant

If you decide to operate in the digital world and…

Ehsan Mahdavi

مشاور شبکه، نرم افزار و هوش مصنوعی

اگر به دنبال رفع چالشهای شبکه، نرم‌افزار و امنیت فضای…

Tahereh Hassanzadeh

Data Analyst , Machine Learning & Deep Learning Consultant

If you need the skills of a Data Analyst with…

Fatemeh Madihi

JavaScript, CSS & HTML Consultant

If you need help from someone with experience in Front-End…

Banafsheh Seydkobari

مشاور تحقیقات بازار، بازاریابی و فروش

اگر علاقمندید در تراز شرکتهای بزرگ و صاحب‌نام، بخش بازاریابی…

Fatemeh Pourmohammad

Consultant of Programming , Databases & Data Science

If you need an expert in databases and front-end and…

Negar Jenabi

Managegment ICT Projects & Web Developing UI Consultant

If you need creativity, up-to-date knowledge, and a lot of…

Translation Services

Think about being in the international market with the help of Succourad business translators!

The Impact of Programming Consulting

Before learning programming, it is very important to get help from a good consultant. The impact of consulting in programming is so great that it can change your educational path and even your life path. A good advisor will keep you away from common mistakes and show you the right path.

The Steps of Programming Consulting

First Step
In the first step, with the help of a consultant, your interest must be determined! This interest separates your path from the four available paths that are mobile programming, desktop programming, and web programming, which itself has two parts: front-end and back-end.

Second Step
After the interest is determined, it is time to check the popular languages of each field with which you are going to start programming in your favorite field.

Third Step
After going through all these steps, it’s time to choose the right educational path that doesn’t put you on the sidelines and focuses on the job market. After passing the course, it’s time to get an internship and enter the job market.

Platform Design

Platform Design Consulting

Platform Design Consulting (Website & Application Design Consulting) is one of the most important, influential, costly, and challenging tasks. Without advice in this field, even if your platform is hosted by Microsoft, you may not be on the right path.

Counseling in this particular case means the exchange of information and consensus. Information that leads to better decisions, shorter routes, and lowers costs. Consult before starting any important work, especially building a good site.

Why should you get advice before starting the Platform Design?

Get consultant so you don’t reinvent the wheel. The platform designer knows how to build a platform, but they don’t know you. He does not have detailed information about the industry, the field of work, the attitudes, the problems, the expectations, and even the budget.
So, the first benefit of consulting is the executive’s adequate understanding of the process of what you are going to offer or present on your site.

What is the Platform Design Consulting Services?

  • Setting up a platform and online store suitable for the business topic
  • Beautiful and user-friendly design
  • Dedicated platform design
  • CMS’s design & Develop
  • Choose a domain name
  • Choosing the right hosting
  • Internet marketing in social networks
  • Digital marketing issues
  • SEO and search engines

Entrepreneurship Consulting

By receiving consulting from the professional and successful experts of Succourad, guarantee the success of your business, booming sales and increasing your income!

What is SEO Consulting?

An SEO consultant is a person who is an expert in the field of SEO who has a lot of skills and knowledge in the field of site optimization for search engines. SEO consultants provide businesses with the necessary and practical recommendations to increase the site’s ranking in exchange for a consulting fee.

The purpose of using an SEO consultant

  • Increase site ranking
  • Increasing the number of site visitors
  • Increase the profitability of the collection
  • Fixing the basic problems of the site
  • Preparing a coherent and practical SEO strategy

A professional SEO consultant should have a lot of knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Technical SEO
  • Internal SEO (On-Page SEO)
  • External SEO (Off-Page SEO)
  • Ability to formulate and SEO strategy implementation

Duties and characteristics of an SEO consultant

  1. Increasing the rank of the site in the right places
  2. Mastering the principles of programming and working with site codes
  3. Ability to make quick decisions and choose the right solution
  4. Having high skills in reviewing reports and site analysis
  5. High skill in content writing and optimal content production
  6. Determining SEO policy and strategies using site analysis
  7. Having the latest knowledge and information related to SEO and digital marketing
  8. Solving the technical problems of the site with technical SEO
  9. Increasing the number of customers and site income
  10. Increasing the duration of users browsing the website
  11. Keyword Research
  12. Site optimization (SEO)
  13. Understanding your business situation, customer situation and finding marketing goals
Cyber Security Consulting

What is Cyber Security Consulting?

A cyber security consultant is a person who works with companies in various industries and assesses risks, problems and solutions related to security issues. A cyber security consultant can be employed by a company or work with organizations as an independent contractor.

A consultant does not do cyber security work full-time for a specific company, but collaborates with companies and advises them on a part-time basis in the form of a long-term contract or a project.

What are the duties of Cyber Security Consultants?

Naturally, the main task of a network security consultant is to provide advice and information to secure computer networks, and for this, consultants have duties that are often as follows:

  1. Evaluating the readiness of the organization to accept the information security system
  2. Problem finding and gap analysis to achieve optimal conditions from the point of view of information security
  3. Preparation of RFP and supervision of services provided by various contractors
  4. Consultancy and design of information security management system
  5. Providing a comprehensive network and information security plan
  6. Providing advice and technical services to obtain an information security certificate
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