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10 Unique Sales Psychology Tips for More Sales

It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert in sales or you are new to the profession and trying to attract your customers. You must be able to know the inside of the customer in order to communicate with him. If you master the art of sales psychology, you can increase your sales. Many people in marketing and sales look at successful salespeople. They use words that they think will increase their sales. These imitation words are not suitable for any type of sales. The point is that if you do not understand the psychology of sales and use words and phrases that are not necessary in that situation, those words will actually lose their effectiveness.

Are you familiar with sales psychology? Do you know the sales psychology tips to help a salesperson sell more? Join us to tell you 10 unique tips in sales psychology to sell more!

In sales psychology, you come to the conclusion that if you don’t put the pieces of the sales puzzle in the right place, you will lose the sale. If you don’t know exactly when to say the right thing, you will not achieve sales success. In order to convince your customers to buy, you need to know how they think and what they really need to hear from you. This is exactly what you get in sales psychology to get more sales.

1. Giving gifts and encouraging others to buy is one of the points of sales psychology

Giving gifts to customers makes them feel that they have to give something in return for what they have received. The reason for this is that when we feel we owe someone; we are actually psychologically upset. But what you should consider is that you should not give something to someone expecting something in return. So, give willingly and don’t worry about whether others will give you something in return. Help your prospects, and your reward will be fame, which in turn will lead to more sales.

You can give them a special discount. Or consider a limited time that they can use your services and products without paying.

sales psychology

2. Arousing the customer’s curiosity is one of the points of sales psychology

In sales psychology, curiosity is a powerful motivator. When you add curiosity factors to your work content, customers tend to take specific actions to satisfy their curiosity. Actions like buying a product. If you can promote your product in a way that arouses the curiosity of the customer, you will succeed in selling more. For example, you can intrigue people to continue reading your blog, post, or sales ad. For this, it is enough to ask them a question or tell a story and do not complete it.

3. Being specific is one of the points of sales psychology for more sales

People are always a little skeptical when they read bold advertising. However, there are ways to ease their doubts and make them believe what you are telling them. One of these methods is to make your claims specific. Being specific in promoting your product can be summed up in providing details. For example, 31 days is more precise than a month. Anything you can explain in more detail makes it special, and people are more likely to believe the specific claims, and as a result, you will sell more with this sales psychology tip.

4. Paying attention to the customer’s problems and fixing them for more sales

Ask the customer to explain his reasons for not buying. Some of the common things that cause a customer to complain about your product are as follows:

The price is too high:

Sometimes a customer wants to buy your product or use your service, but thinks that the price is too high compared to the value you have shown for your product.

You can fix this issue by stating the benefits and value of your product and clearly explaining the unique position of the product. You can also clearly state why it is expensive.

The price is too low:

Sometimes a low price equates to a worthless or useless product. Here you have to have a reasonable justification for the low price of the product in order to get more sales.


This fault that the customer gets is not because of the high price of the product, but it means that the customer is not currently able to pay for this particular item. Sometimes that may be true. But sometimes it is just an excuse that you should be able to remove from the customer’s mind because it was nothing more than an excuse.

The solution is to rationally justify the price of your product by showing the true value of the product and comparing it to other products or services.

Will this product work well for me or not:

For this you can explain your product warranty to the customer?

Don’t settle for what has been explained. Pay attention to your product and see what people might find wrong. In this case, you can sell it well and get more sales.

sales psychology

5. Validating one of the points of sales psychology for more sales

You have to show others a good reason of yourself. People are skeptical at first when they see your ads. One of the thoughts that go through their mind is why should I listen to this person?

So, you have to have a good reason for them to listen to you. In fact, you must have credit. You can tell them about your success and past experiences. Use any references you may have to build credibility for yourself. From the valid certificate you have. Specific results you have obtained in this field. or the experiences you have. Whatever it is, when you share it with others, you actually gain credit for yourself. If you do not have such situations, you can use the influence of a famous person. For example, you can make a joint investment with them or even get a valid certificate from these people.

6. Let others approve you

Most people are not sure what they want to do. They prefer to see what others are doing first and then follow them. It is true that people tend to conform. In fact, scientists have proven that people like to be in harmony with others.

You can use this trend for your sales process. All you have to do is let those who have purchased your product join your customer list or leave a comment on your social media posts. Currently, social media is one of the things that you can use to prove yourself. For example, anyone can join your Instagram page and see how many fans you have, how many people have approved or commented on your products.

7. Using fear to sell more

Fear is an incredibly powerful motivator. You see everyone from marketers to politicians to managers or even parents using fear to get people to take some action. For example, create fear that they might lose this product. The fear of missing out is now very common. However, it works for many people. By creating a limited offer in some way, you can create natural fear and feed it into your sales system.

For example, you can make your offer to a limited number of people. Or consider a limited period for a discount. This is one of the effective points of sales psychology for more sales.

8. Be honest to get more sales

We all know that honesty is the most important pillar in anything. It seems, many people think that marketers and sellers are not trustworthy. Obviously, the sellers themselves do not help to improve this perception. Many of them are not willing to tell everything about their product and do not let the buyer know what is wrong with this product.

Now I will tell you what to do to increase your sales. Be honest with buyers and tell them all the defects. Then take advantage of this honesty. When you are honest about a product or service, you make people trust you more and this leads to more sales.

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9. Do something that stabilizes people’s steps

People want to be firm in their decisions and not change their mind at any moment. The fact is that people like to think of themselves as committed and steadfast. You can use this psychological fact to increase your sales. but how? You ask your customers to take small actions or help you.

Then you ask them for more favors. Since they want to appear consistent, they are more likely to support you. Researchers have tested this psychological stimulant and found that it really works. One thing you should note is that if you ask for a big favor in the beginning, people will definitely say no to you. But if you ask them a small favor first, they won’t say no to your more requests later.

10. Give them fewer options to choose from

The more items you offer to the customer, the more confusing they will be and the more difficult it will be for them to make a decision. If you sell a wide range of products, use methods that make it easy for the customer to make a decision. You can categorize products to simplify your offer. You can first ask them questions to get to know their needs, then suggest the type of product that they are interested in and that fits their needs.


All these things about sales psychology will help you to get more sales and you can start using these factors. In fact, these factors are mental triggers that you can use to get more customers, sales, advertising, blog posts, or anything else you need to grow your business.

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