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increase sales in recession

8 Practical Solutions to Increase Sales in Recession

It is natural for the customer to be afraid and refuse to spend during the recession. But if you are a professional seller, you will have the upper hand in this situation as well. All you have to do is get to know the sales strategies in recession conditions.

One of the problems of the recession is the reluctance of customers to buy and, as a result, decrease in sales. In this article, you will get to know 8 ways to increase sales in recession.

Most sellers believe that during a recession, the purchasing power of customers decreases. But the professional seller does not have such an opinion and is sure that only the behavior of the customer changes during the recession. The seller must change his sales strategy if he wants not to lose.

Just like when the seller himself is a customer in this situation of recession and intends to buy. It is definitely different from normal and non-recession conditions. So why don’t we as sellers feel the need to use a different strategy than before in this situation?

increase sales in recession
With the onset of recession conditions, due to the drop in sales and the pressure of companies to make up for the budget deficit, salespeople become more confused and make more efforts to sell and convince the customer to buy, which leads to more customer fear.

This fact, when in recession instead of responsible for buying; Committees or councils make decisions at a higher level can be observed and it is evidenced by the fact that customers will make purchasing decisions more cautiously.

In a normal situation, the customer likes to evaluate the benefits of the purchase and then decide to buy, and the seller’s efforts, especially in the insecure conditions of the recession, do not have much effect on the customer’s decision, and he will not trust his words, and this makes the necessity of adopting a strong sales strategy more visible.

8 practical solutions to increase sales in recession conditions:

By considering three general categories of customers (i.e., current customers, lost customers and potential customers), four different strategies can be proposed to increase sales.

1. Maintenance of current customers:

We all know that the probability that our customer will buy from us again will be 25% higher than the customer who has never bought from us; This alone is a convincing reason that we should not lose our customers easily. If finding a new customer is much more difficult than keeping an existing one.

To solve this problem, first of all, we must communicate with the client regularly and at specific intervals depending on the importance of the client for us and our organization. He was in contact more than once a month, and in the second step, he had to have a close face-to-face meeting with the customer on various pretexts, such as birthdays, etc. will arrange.

2. Improving primary relationships:

Sometimes, factors such as the competitor’s low price or our appropriate treatment, or the customer’s dissatisfaction with the product or service, have caused the customer to break his relationship with us. Considering that these types of customers are familiar with our work process and services, the probability of buying it is much higher than a new customer.

So, it is wise for us to open a special account for this group of customers and we hope to attract good customers and get good sales in this way.

3. New sale:

Research has shown that without relationships, contacting customers will only have a 2% chance of talking to them. If you refer, your chances will increase by 20%. If recommended, the probability of success increases by 60%. The main task of every salesperson is to find ways to increase the number of sales, and according to the statistics mentioned above, customer recommendations are very important.

It is up to the seller to determine the right time to implement this. It seems that when announcing customer satisfaction or when we provide good service for a customer, it is a good opportunity to recommend to other friends and organizations.

4. Development of existing relationships:

The best and last way to grow and increase income is to develop more connections with the current customers of the organization. We have to monitor our customers with special sensitivity and get closer to them as much as possible.

It seems that we have to work on practical solutions to retain and pay special attention to customers, and I will give you concrete examples.

One of these ways is to change the shape, size, volume, technical specifications, appearance specifications, size and price of the products to help the customer’s purchasing power, lest due to the inability to purchase; The customer will move to the competitor. In this way, we will help both the customer and ourselves and our organization. We have not forgotten that the title of the article is, how to increase sales in a recession! In this case, the purchasing power of our customers is low, so any factor that helps the customer find purchasing power is a step forward.


You must have heard or seen the story of the existence of falafel shops near elegant and luxurious restaurants. Not all people have high purchasing power, but they need to buy.

Another simple but important point is that we can never claim that we have attracted all the customers. This means that we must always be aware of new customers and their attraction. For example, if you haven’t used the phone or texting before, use the new methods now.

A practical solution to increase sales in recession is sometimes not selling! Yes, not exactly sold.

Sometimes, instead of selling, it is better to communicate with new suppliers, new partners, new customers, new technology, new marketing, etc. This means more sales in the future.

increase sales in recession

5. Suggestion of setting up and strengthening a strong marketing and sales team:

This issue can also be the solution to our work in the recession and it can help us. Clarifying product features, launching great sales in specific time frames are among the tricks of a strong sales and marketing team. These tips will help the organization’s sales and income in times of recession and crisis.

We cannot deny the power and advantage of sales support processes in the organization.

6. Reconstruction and optimization of the production cycle:

Reconstruction and optimization of the production cycle in the organization using the help of new business partners is a valuable way.

There are motivated people and companies that have good potential for their growth.

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7.  Realizing the customer’s lack of competition and reluctance:

It is important to understand the customer’s reluctance to buy. After discovering this issue, it will not be difficult to solve it.

8. Thanking and appreciating the customer:

This method is the most inexpensive method and does not have any financial burden for us and our organization!

Thanking and appreciating the customer. But we all believe that this appreciation is not limited to the customer. In fact, it starts with each member of the family and continues to each member of the second family, which is our organizational environment.


This behavior changes manifests itself by postponing the purchase or ignoring the purchase. But we are the ones who have to maintain our sales in this situation with the right principles. In this article, 8 useful strategies to increase sales in recession are presented.

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