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What Do You Know about Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is one of the primary methods of introducing products and services so that marketers can attract leads and potential customers. Considering that a long time has passed since the advent of telemarketing, many marketers underestimate its power and even think that the life of this type of marketing is over, when it is not. Telephone marketing is still very powerful and important due to the easy access to the phone and the cost-effectiveness of the phone call.

Follow us in this article to learn the importance of telemarketing and its skills and be able to use it for your business marketing efforts.

Types of telemarketing

Telemarketing can help a wide variety of organizations achieve better results in different ways. Although the most obvious form of telemarketing involves direct contact between companies and end consumers; But telephone marketing for B2B businesses also has its own efficiency and even international marketing is used in this way.

So we can say that telemarketing takes place in 2 ways:



Marketing methods of telemarketers:

A telemarketer is a person who is responsible for selling certain products or services over the phone and sometimes in person. Telephone marketers do marketing in 2 ways:

 Outbound marketing:

In this way, marketers are given a list of contact information of potential customers so that they can continuously communicate with consumers or businesses. This information is collected after the search by the telemarketer or from other sources.

 Internal marketing or Inbound:

In this form of marketing, advertisements reach customers through another media and the telemarketer waits for a phone call from the customer. For example, a customer sees a product advertisement on TV and calls the announced contact number and orders the desired product.

Skills that you should pay attention to in telephone marketing:

  •  Speak clearly and without borders
  •  Speak without clapping and with a catchy voice
  •  Manage customer inquiries
  •  Full knowledge of service and product features

Basics of telemarketing

One of the major problems that cause cold calling to fail in outbound telemarketing is that the customer does not need your product. Or you are a random caller who has no knowledge and insight into your audience. If you were the target audience, would you trust the seller who wants to sell you a product in a few minutes?

If you follow the principles of the AIDA cycle to generate the right leads and potential customers. You greatly increase the likelihood of marketing success.

What are the principles of the AIDA cycle?


AIDA includes 4 stages of sales as follows:

  • Attention
  •  Interest
  •  Desire
  •  Action

These are the things you should establish in your prospect in order:

You must draw the customer’s attention to yourself.

When you pick up the phone and start making calls, know that you are the center of attention at that moment. The client is waiting for the caller to start the conversation; Therefore, you should prepare yourself to start a conversation and attract the customer’s attention from the first seconds.

 Try to make the customer interested in your brand.

Cold calls are unpredictable. In fact, there is no specific rule to know who you are engaging in conversation with. The most correct action before facing the customer is to study and collect information about the customer. This will help you to find the main audience of your brand and avoid useless and random calls.

 Satisfy the customer’s wishes.

To succeed in telemarketing, you need to act like a hunter. Target and focus on the customer’s weaknesses and needs. Think about the reasons you can provide your product for the customer’s need and prepare him for the next step.

Make the customer buy.

If you can’t make the customer buy, all your efforts in the previous steps will definitely be wasted. To persuade the customer to buy, you must present your persuasive sentences in advance. “If you buy now, you can get a special discount”, is an example of these sentences.

The Ida cycle explains marketing principles well; But what should we do to start telemarketing?

How to sell through telemarketing:

  •  Define your goal: What goals do you want to achieve?
  •  Prepare questions: What questions should you ask?
  •  Prepare answers: Summarize answers to possible questions.
  •  Practice: Listen to your recording over and over again.
  •  Visualize: Have a picture of your caller or contact in your mind. Believe that you are talking to a person and not just a theologian.

Tip: If talking on the phone is a difficult task for you, know from the beginning that sales career is probably not suitable for you. Learning how to get someone’s attention without their presence is a skill all salespeople need. This skill also requires constant practice and improvement.

8 telephone marketing tricks (telephone marketing techniques)

1. Acquire the ethos and behaviors of a professional marketer.

First of all, find and cultivate these 5 qualities that we are referring to:

Patience, passion, interest, self-confidence and cuteness

2.  Try to create an intimate atmosphere and two-way peace.


An interesting fact about smiling is that people are less likely to say “No!” when they are laughing. Say! So try to convey your feeling to the customer.

3. Be sure to use powerful voice control tools.

4. Convince the customer even from behind the phone with the help of body language.

Note: Body movements lead to reactions on the face, and the emotions shown on the face affect the voice. Listeners will feel these changes.

5. Remember key words and phrases.

6. Pay attention to the dos and don’t in telephone negotiations.

7. In professional telemarketing, it is better to plan and write down the appropriate hours to call, the number of calls and the amount of income you want from your daily calls.

8.  Communicate with customers to the best of your ability in telemarketing. If you find yourself getting tired and drained of energy after talking for an hour, it’s best to schedule a break.

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Termination of telemarketing negotiations

  •  Indirectly announce the end of the discussion.
  •  Cover all important topics.
  •  Always thank the listener.


We are now in the digital age, an age full of wonders. Technology now provides a wide range of marketing options for businesses.

Understanding each of these options is really helpful for your company’s growth and can guide you in choosing the most appropriate technique and strategy for your business. Telemarketing is an important tool for any business, and even more important for industries that are immersed in a competitive environment.

Getting sales, Marketing Consulting from a knowledgeable consultant can help you.


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