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Fatemeh Madihi

Fatemeh Madihi

Position: JavaScript, CSS & HTML Consultant
Categories: Programming, Web & Cybering
Location: Semnan

If you need help from someone with experience in Front-End & JavaScript, CSS, and HTML programming; get consulting from Fatemeh Madihi.


Fatemeh Madihi learned CSS and Html on sites like Top Learn, Coursea And She challenged herself on sites like hacker-rank. At university, Eng. Fatemeh Madihi learned about C++ and .NET and sql.

Ms. Fatemeh Madihi currently studied in field of Computer Software Engineering at Damghan University. She is practicing on JavaScript and a web developer & a programming language teacher.

  • Master’s Degree: Computer Software Engineering, Damghan University, Semnan, Iran, 2015
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Computer Software Engineering
  • JavaScript, Sololearn Institute
  • CSS, Sololearn Institute
  • Html, Sololearn Institute

Computer Skills

  • Front-End Programming
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Html 5
  • Photoshop

Language Skills

  • English
  • Web Design Instructor: Tehran Technical Complex, since Dec. 2022
  • Website Design: Pandar IT Company, Semnan, Iran from March 2020 to March 2022
  • Web 1-2-3 Instructor: Tehran Technical Complex, Semnan, Iran, since August 2022
  • Javascript Instructor: Pivas website, since June 2022
  • Programming Instructor: freelancer, HTML, CSS, RESPONSIVITY, ANIMATION & JAVASCRIPT, Semnan, Iran
  • Website Design: freelancer, since August 2020:
    –  Matin Tax Consultant Group
    –  Semnan tourism and entertainment system
    –  System of suspension of justice criminals



The consultant's mastery of the subject 90%
The accuracy and patience of the consultant in answering 95%
Consultant's power of expression 98%
The scientific and practicality of the consultant's opinions 93%
Realize your goals from consulting 86%

اگر تمایل دارید مشاوره استعدادیابی و مسیریابی شغلی شما را در یافتن شغل مناسب و متناسب با استعدادهای ذاتی‌تان یاری دهد، یا با کمک مشاوره کوچ و توسعه فردی به دنبال افزایش توانمندی‌هایتان هستید و یا اینکه قصد دارید بعنوان کارآفرین/مدیر/کارمند با بهره‌گیری از خدمات مشاوره روانشناسی و یا مشاوره سلامت و درمان بر استرس‌ها و نگرانی‌ها و همچنین مشکلات جسمی و روحی خود فائق آیید؛ حتما به مشاوران مجرب و صاحب‌نام گروه بین‌المللی کسب و کار ساکوراد مراجعه کنید تا در سریعترین زمان ممکن به اهداف خود دست یابید.

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