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Succourad Business Farm

Center for Accelerating & Supporting Entrepreneurship

Today, there are creative people who have business ideas in their minds and many entrepreneurs who have a product or service to offer but do not have the necessary financial resources to start and develop their business.

In contrast to inventors, idea makers, and entrepreneurs, there are also a large number of people looking for investment opportunities or partnerships in startup ideas or profitable businesses. Sakurad Entrepreneurship Farm is a platform for supporting startup ideas and is a bridge between idea creators, startups, entrepreneurs, and investors.

So, join us wherever you are on your business journey, from a raw idea to a mature company. At Sakurad Entrepreneurship Farm, we are hosting your dear ones by providing investor attraction, consulting, and training.

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We are with you from Idea to Business Development

The process of Idea Acceptance to Post-Acceleration

Step 1

Idea Acceptance

Step 2

Idea Evaluation

Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Exit Strategy

Step 6


Startup Pre-Acceleration

After the initial acceptance, Sakurad’s scientific evaluation group determines the growth stage of the startup team, and if the startup is in the early stages of growth, it enters the pre-acceleration stage and benefits from the services of this course.

In the pre-acceleration period, obtaining the necessary permits such as becoming knowledge-based, registering the company, etc. is done, and then through market research and team building, we help the startup to reach A minimum viable product (MVP).

Startup Acceleration

The startup teams admitted to the Business Farm enter the acceleration period after the pre-acceleration period or immediately after the initial acceptance with the approval of the evaluation group of the Succourad Scientific Team.

During the acceleration period, the main strategies for entering the market will be started with counseling and Training by experts of the Succourad, and all facilities will be provided for a strong entry into the market. In this course, in addition to providing coaching and mentorship, necessary networking is done to attract investors, suppliers, etc.

Startup Post-Acceleration

The startup team, which has now become an independent company and entered the market, still needs consulting and market research to survive and gain maximum market share.

Therefore, at Succourad Business Farm, startup teams are not left alone, and after entering the market, they benefit from the mentorship and market research services of Business Farm.

Are you a Startup?

First, evaluate your ideas from different dimensions, and then we develop it.

Are you a Mentor?

Many people need your presence, to share your experiences and abilities with us.

Are you an Investor?

By investing in startup teams, support young elites and raise your own capital.

Step-by-Step Guide to Get Consulting

Step 1

Choose Specialized Field

Step 2

Review Resume of Consultants

Step 3

Choosing Right Consultant

Step 4

Complete Counseling Order Form

Step 5

Payment of the Consultant's Fee

Step 6

Contact You to Set Appointment

Step 7

Communication Between You & Consultant