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Sahar Masoudi

Sahar Masoudi

Position: Statistical Consultant
Categories: Branding, Marketing & Sales
Location: Tehran

If you need complete research and analysis of complex statistics and efficient solutions to statistical problems, get Consulting from Sahar Masoudi.


Sahar Masoudi Experienced Statistical Consultant possessing remarkable knowledge of various computer-based statistical programs.

Mrs. Sahar Masoudi Performs thorough research and analyzes complex statistics. Skilled in coordinating with internal departments and efficiently resolving statistical issues.

Sahar Masoudi Brings more than 5-year background working as a Statistical consultant in the Clinical and health area. She is always up to new and exciting challenges and loves to learn and expand her knowledge, believing that everything can be improved.

  • Master of Science Biostatistics, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Science.
  • Bachelor of Science Statistics, Shahid Beheshti University.
  • Internship Data Analysis, Med Tour Easy Institute.
  • Programming languages and Statistical Softwares
  • R, Python, Stata, Spss, Tableau, SQL (Database management), ArcGIS, Smart PLS, Amos, Lisrel, Rapid Miner, GraphPad Prism
  • Epidemiologic Software: SEERStat
  • Search methods in systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Graphical Software: Photoshop and Corel
  • ICDL Skills and Microsoft Office and EndNote
    – Persian: Mother tongue
    – English: Proficient
    – French: Elementary
  • Introduction to the GBD [Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation of Washington University]
  • People Analytics (University of Pennsylvania]
  • Operations Analytics (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Customer Analytics (University of Pennsylvania]
  • GIS, Mapping, and Spatial Analysis Specialization (University of Toronto)
  • How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper (Ecole Polytechnique]
  • Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups (University of Colorado Boulder]
  • Al for Medicine Specialization (
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning (
  • Mining Data to Extract and Visualize Insights in Python Coursera Project]
  • Introduction to Python Coursera Project]
  • Data Visualization with Plotly Express [Coursera Project]
  • Getting Started with Power BI Desktop [Coursera Project]
  • Create Interactive Dashboards with Streamlit and Python (Coursera Project]
  • COVID 19 Data Analysis Using Python Coursera Project]
  • Predict Future Product Prices Using Facebook Prophet (Coursera Project]
  • Big Data Analytics: Opportunities, Challenges and the Future Griffith University]
  • Improve your IELTS Speaking score[Macquarie University]
  • Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Digestive Disease Research Institute]
  • Issues in official statistics [Statistics Institute of Iran]
  • Functional and Structural Brain Connectivity Workshop (Neuroimaging and Analysis Group and Medical Imaging Center, Imam Khomeini Hospital]
  • Workshop: Information research skills in Web of Science and Scopus [University of social welfare and rehabilitation sciences]
  • Global Burden of Diseases. Injuries, and Risk Factors Study (GBD)
  • Market Research Analyst (Human Health Project)
  • Collaborators Iranian Statistical Society (IRSTAT)
  • United Nations Volunteers (Roster Number: 1975516)
  • Eden Reforestation Projects
  • RESEARCH METHODOLOGY – STATISTICAL CONSULTANT, DDRI – Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, since 12/2015
    –  Coordinated with internal departments to resolve statistical issues.
    –  Assisted with strategic decision-making and internal project developments, helping to drive the company forwards.
    –  Performed data cleaning and data preparation to support high-quality data and catch errors before processing.
    –  Manipulated, transformed and analyzed data by reviewing computer reports, printouts and performance indicators.
    –  Evaluated statistical plans and prepared documents for vendors.
  • CEO AND COFOUNDER, Statchi (Online Statistical Consulting Services), Tehran, Iran, since 01/2020
    –  Coordinated statistical data analysis, design and information flow.
    –  Participated in requirements meetings and data mapping sessions to understand business needs.
    –  Researched and resolved issues regarding the integrity of data flow into databases.
    –  Trained employees on software to improve data management, monitored use and suggested improvements.
    –  Evaluated trends to understand competitive environments and assess current strategies.
  • MEMBER OF CORE COMMITTEE, PERSIAN National Cohort Study, Tehran, since 12/2015
    –  Quality control, data monitoring.
    –  Developed and implemented strategies to improve diverse operational areas.
    –  Directed training and retraining of employees to boost performance and enhance results.
  • APPLIED STATISTICS INSTRUCTOR| University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Science, Tehran, 09/2015 TO 01/2016
  • APPLIED STATISTICS INSTRUCTOR, Institute of Higher Education of Energy and Water, Tehran, Iran, 07/2015 TO 08/2015
  • DATA CLEANING AND MANAGEMENT INSTRUCTOR | Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Tehran, Iran, 02/2017 TO 02/2017
    –  Training workshop for data managers of PERSIAN Cohort’s sites.
  • CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY INSTRUCTOR, Cancer Research Center of IRAN, Tehran, Iran, 12/2017 TO 12/2017
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  • National institute for medical research development “Prognostic features and survival of pancreas Adenocarcinoma in Iranian patients” (6250 $)
  • National institute for medical research development “Association of Aspirin intake with risk of pancreatic cancer” (6515$)



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Consultant's power of expression 98%
The scientific and practicality of the consultant's opinions 93%
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