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Romina Oshaghpour

Romina Oshaghpour

Position: Product Designer & Consultant
Languages: English, Persian
Categories: Art and Handicrafts
Location: Tehran

If you need a professional product designer who is familiar with the concerns of your customers and end users, get consulting from Romina Oshaghpour.


Romina Oshaghpour graduated from the Islamic Azad University of Tehran Central Branch in the field of graphic design, she entered the field of UI/UX in 2018 and was able to gain useful experience in this field.

Ms. Romina Oshaghpour became interested in Front-End programming software in addition to mastering specialized design software and only because of her eagerness to learn new skills.

After completing online training courses, doing internships, and collaborating with technical teams, Romina Oshaghpour was able to have a better understanding of the design output and the challenges that may arise for programmers and users.

  • Associate Degree: Graphic Design, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Sep. 2018 – Feb. 2021
  • Inverse School:
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe lllastrator
    • Ul/UX
  • Quera College:
    • Front-End
  • Ul/UX Farsi:
    • User Experience (UX) Specialist Course
  • SheCodes:
    • Front-End Basics

Professional Skills

  • Graphic Design:
    • Color Theory
    • Texture
    • Typography
    • Branding
    • Brand Identity Design
    • Print
    • Layout
    • Tools & Softwares:
      • Adobe Photoshop
      • Adobe Illastrator
  • UI:
    • Visual Design
    • Design System
    • Design Patterns
    • Responsive Design
    • Element UI
    • Tailwind UI
    • WebElements
    • Prototype
    • Mockups
    • Tools & Softwares:
      • Adobe XD
      • Figma
      • Justinmind
      • Webflow
  • UX:
    • Design Thinking
    • User Research
    • User Persona
    • User Journey Map
    • Story Board
    • User Flow
    • Sketch /Wireframe Usability
    • Accessability
    • A/B Testing
    • Information Architecture
    • Tools & Softwares:
      • Miro
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Trends
      • Hotiar
  • Front-End:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Bootstrap
    • TailWindCSS
    • JavaScript
    • JQuery
    • Ajax
    • Tools & Softwares:
      • Visual Studio Code
      • Github

Languages Skills

  • Persian (Native)
  • English (Intermediate)
  • UI/UX design of Aminta and Aminta Card website: 6 months
    • Designing a new and convenient way for the user to buy an insurance policy
  • UI/UX designer and graphic designer and Reactjs programming intern at Maniar online payment factory: 10 months
    • Increasing the level of satisfaction and loyalty of employees in order to improve organizational performance and application services in the field of welfare and human resources
  • UI design of the website of Sharif Star’s entrepreneurship department: 11 months
  • UI/UX design of Ibrahim Industrial Cleaning Company website: 8 months
    • Digitalization of product catalog for users
  • UI/UX design of Mahbang company website: 7 months
  • Graphic designer of Fit Ship Company: 12 months
  • Senior graphic designer of Hamboudgah company: 10 months



The consultant's mastery of the subject 90%
The accuracy and patience of the consultant in answering 95%
Consultant's power of expression 98%
The scientific and practicality of the consultant's opinions 93%
Realize your goals from consulting 86%

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