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Parisa Najafi

Parisa Najafi

Position: Graphic Designer & Consultant
Languages: English, Persian
Categories: Art and Handicrafts
Location: Tehran

If you need a Creative Graphic Designer to design your business posters, banners, logos, billboards, etc., get consulting from Parisa Najafi.


Parisa Najafi is a graphic design graduate at Soore University, a creative graphic designer who has 3+ years of full-time experience in the field of cinema and designing various movie posters, series and short films, and various billboards.

Among the art works of Mrs. Parisa Najafi are: Designing Movie Poster of “No Feeling”, Designing Series Poster of “The Queen”, Designing Movie Poster of “Three be Blood”, Designing Series Poster of “The Others”, Designing Movie Poster of “Bootax”, Designing Short Movie Poster of “Crippled”, Designing Short Movies Poster of “More Than 10”, Designing Series Poster of “The Innocent”, and etc.

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Graphic Design, Soore University, Jan 2014-Jan 2018
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Adobe Premier
    • Motion
  • Graphic Designer: KN Film Production, Full-time, since Aug. 2019
    • Skills:
      • Poster Design, Graphic Design
    • Portfolios:
      • Designing Movie Poster of “No Feeling“, 2018
      • Designing Series Poster of “The Queen“, 2019
      • Designing Movie Poster of “Three be Blood“, 2019
      • Designing Series Poster of “The Others“, 2020
      • Designing Movie Poster of “Bootax“, 2020
      • Designing Short Movie Poster of “Crippled“, 2021
      • Designing Short Movies Poster of “More Than 10“, 2021
      • Designing Series Poster of “The Innocent“, 2022
  • Designing the Hole Material of Sites
  • Designing Bible Book, 2020-2022
  • Designing Billboards
  • Designing Logos



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