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Maryam Asadollahi

Maryam Asadollahi

Position: Quality Control Microbiologist & Consultant
Categories: Health: Psychology, Nutrition and etc.
Location: Tehran

If you need an experienced microbiologist in your medical laboratory who is well-versed in quality control, get consulting from Maryam Asadollahi.


Maryam Asadollahi performs all microbial tests and processes related to pharmaceutical products such as Sterility, LAL, bio-burden, water examination, Growth Promotion Test, strain activation, cryobank preparation, enumeration, environmental monitoring and gas monitoring, autoclave and oven verification, disinfectant validation

Ms. Maryam Asadollahi also has good knowledge of GMP, GLP, GDP, and Pharmacopoeia and can identify, and prepare SOP and specification, raw material and water sampling, media fill, and integrity test.

  • Bachelor Degree in Microbiology at Private University of Eslamshar

Technical Skills

  • Computer and Internet Expert
  • ICDL holder
  • Microsoft Office expert
  • Excel expert

Languages Skills

  • Advanced English with FCE Score of 98
  • Fluent Persian speaker
  • Elementary in German

Interests and Skills

  • Eager to cooperate in the field of quality assurance
  • Eager to be engaged in teamwork towards a shared goal
  • Learn other important languages of the world
  • Learn new materials in the field of university major
  • Continue studies in the same field
  • Publish papers in decent journals
  • Interested in doing volunteer work
  • Leadership capabilities
  • An eloquent public speaker
  • Perfect at communication skills
  • Interested in blog writing
  • Interested in reading widely
  • Time management
  • Ability to multitask
  • Fast learner
  • Ability to work under pressure
  1. Share in the approval and changing of the layout for the production area (microbiological Testing).
  2. Share in the Qualifications of HVAC. (Microbiological Testing).
  3. Monitoring calibration of instruments and preparing annual calibration plans.
  4. Share process validation for sterile lines (media fill).
  5. Initiate SOPs and update SOPs for testing in Micro Lab (Testing instruction, General, and instruments).
  6. Initiate Monographs and update Monographs for the FG and RM in Micro Lab.
  7. Training for new employees.
  8. Managing and overseeing laboratory work.
  9. Entering results and purchasing orders on the oracle application.
  10. Supervise the performance of the environmental monitoring programs sterile area, and laboratory sterility testing. Record.
  11. Perform the microbiological laboratory investigation in case specification results have occurred with a microbiological laboratory analyst.
  12. Performing process and cleaning validation procedures (Microbiological Testing).
  13. Make Sterility tests for a Wide range of Parenteral (Vials, ampoules products, and ophthalmic (Terramycin eye ointment)
  14. Microbial Limit Test (Performing Bacterial, Fungal Count, and Pathogen tests for different Samples (B.W & B.P and R.M).
  15. Microbiological Water Analysis (Water for Injection & Purified Water &Pure steam and city water).
  16. Endotoxin Analysis by Gel Clotting Method.
  17. Microorganism’s maintenance (Keep& Regeneration of Microorganisms).
  18. Disinfectant efficacy Test.
  19. Growth Promotion Test.
  20. Biological validation of autoclaves by biological indicators.
  21. Tunnel Validation test (By Endotoxin test).
  22. Gram Staining & Microbial identification to genus and species level.
  23. API method for identification of specified microorganisms.
  24. Trend analysis for Environmental Monitoring, WFI, PW, and personnel.
  25. U.V. efficacy test.
  26. Performing Environmental Monitoring in Clean areas (Vial and Ampoule area) and class C and D.
  27. Media preparation and handling.
  • The necessity of Clean Room in pharmaceutical industry held by Pishro Institute
  • Monitoring the Environment held by Fanda Company
  • Usage of Cryobank held by Fanda Company
  • Comprehensive course on microbial analysis of non-sterile products held by Fanda Company
  • Producing autoclave with biological and biochemical indicators held by Fanda Company
  • Monitoring Clothes and Fingers of the employees at production line held by Fanda Company
  • A course on Water bacteriology held by Fanda Company
  • GLP and GMP Principles held by Fanda Company
  • The Necessity of Media Fill and M.C. of water held by Fidar Danesh Rahnamoon Institute
  • Growth Promotion held by Fidar Danesh Rahnamoon Institute
  • Water Sampling and Microbiological Monitoring for water held by Fanda Company
  • Composing SOP and translating texts held by Fanda Company
  • PCR, DNA extraction, and Electrophoresis held by Shahid Beheshti University
  • Examination on manufacturing practices for sterile products held by Fidar Danesh Rahnamoon Institute
  • Advanced GLP held by Fidar Danesh Rahnamoon Institute
  • Advanced academic courses held by Valiasr Genetic Pathology laboratory
  • Familiarization course on pharmaceutical plants and their usage in industry held by Firoozeh Botanical Garden
  • Red Crescent held by Red Crescent Community of Savojbelagh
  • Urgent medical and health agency held by Red Crescent Community of Savojbelagh
  • Quality Control expert in Actoverco Company, since 2017
  • Head of Quality Control in Fanda Company, 2014-2016
  • Expert in the field of diagnostic medical laboratory (Microbiology, Hematology, Serology, Biochemistry), 2012 – 2014
  • English Teacher at Baran Institute, 2011 – 2012



The consultant's mastery of the subject 90%
The accuracy and patience of the consultant in answering 95%
Consultant's power of expression 98%
The scientific and practicality of the consultant's opinions 93%
Realize your goals from consulting 86%

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