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Mahboubeh Mazaheri

Mahboube Mazaheri

Position: General Coach & HR Management Consultant
Categories: Coaching & Self-Development, Management & HR
Location: Istanbul, Tehran

If you need an experienced and professional human resources coach, career coach, and recruiter, get Consulting from Mahboubeh Mazaheri.


Mahboubeh Mazaheri is a creative, intelligent, 43 years old woman with 18 years of experience in organizations, universities, schools, and newspapers, and radio, TV programs, as an HR or Coach, also she is a book writer.

Now, Mahboubeh Mazaheri working with companies as an HR Mentor, Career Coach, and Recruiter & she is also an HR & coaching researcher.

  • Master of Human Resource Management–IMI, 2006
  • Psychology of Interaction Behavior Analysis, 2010
  • Recruiting
  • Effective recruitment
  • Design recruitment process
  • Firing process
  • Improve communication
  • Team work
  • Stress management
  • Decrease organizational conflict
  • Staff education
  • Staff career path
  • HR empowerment
  • Job consultant
  • Redesign organizational processes
  • Career Coaching, life coaching
  • Increasing employee performance
  • Personal and professional development
  • Increase work motivation & organizational commitment
  • Individual workshops in schools & universities
    – Job skills training course including:
        + Resume Writing Workshop – Career Networking Workshop – Job Interview Success

  • Workshop soft skills for job workshop

    – Vision & Mission in life & job workshop
    – Goals path design workshop
    – Career path design workshop
    – Personal Development Planning Workshop

    Workshops for organizations in organizations & companies
    – Coaching skills for manager’s workshop
    – Coaching skills for personal and professional development of employee workshop
    – Employee performance management based on the gales workshop
    – Teamwork coaching workshop
    – Human resource management training for new manager’s workshop
    – Stress management – conflict management – self-management with coaching approach workshops workshop
    – Organizational mentoring workshop

  • General coaching, ACTH- FCA, 2016
  • Transformational Coaching, ACTP-CMA, 2021
  • 5 years of experience in the human resources unit as a expert in various organizations, 2004- 2009, full time
  • 8 years of experience in the human resources unit as a HR manager in various organizations, 2009- 2017, full time
  • Training students in high school and universities, September 2017-2021, part time
  • Training managers &employees as a coach & HR mentor in various management institute & companies, 2017-oct. 2021, part time
  • Startup mentoring, 2017-2018, part time
  • Work as a Recruiter specially hiring HR staff & IT, 2009-2021, part time
  • Have about 2000 hours coaching session with people & managers
  • Have a lecture on “organization mentoring” on international conference, 2021
  • Have a lecture on “effect of mentoring on organizational training” on international conference -2022
  • writing 2 books:
    – Introduction to Coaching, 2017
    – organization Mentoring, 2021
  • International experience:
    – Turkey Portal,  Turkey, recruiter, April 2021 to Jun, full time
    – Coaching academy, Singapore,  business partner, 2019-2021, full time
    – Consent consultancy company, England, HR & coaching researcher, since Jan. 2022, part time.
    – VIP Property Company, Turkey (malty national), recruiter, May 2022 to Jun., full time



The consultant's mastery of the subject 90%
The accuracy and patience of the consultant in answering 95%
Consultant's power of expression 98%
The scientific and practicality of the consultant's opinions 93%
Realize your goals from consulting 86%

اگر تمایل دارید مشاوره استعدادیابی و مسیریابی شغلی شما را در یافتن شغل مناسب و متناسب با استعدادهای ذاتی‌تان یاری دهد، یا با کمک مشاوره کوچ و توسعه فردی به دنبال افزایش توانمندی‌هایتان هستید و یا اینکه قصد دارید بعنوان کارآفرین/مدیر/کارمند با بهره‌گیری از خدمات مشاوره روانشناسی و یا مشاوره سلامت و درمان بر استرس‌ها و نگرانی‌ها و همچنین مشکلات جسمی و روحی خود فائق آیید؛ حتما به مشاوران مجرب و صاحب‌نام گروه بین‌المللی کسب و کار ساکوراد مراجعه کنید تا در سریعترین زمان ممکن به اهداف خود دست یابید.

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