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Haleh Taslimi

Haleh Taslimi

Position: Brand Strategist and Consultant
Languages: English, Persian, Turkish, Arabic
Categories: Branding, Marketing & Sales
Location: Dubai

‏If you need an innovative and proactive Brand Strategist with high skills in Benchmarking, Market Analysis & Branding processes; get consulting from Haleh Taslimi.


Haleh Taslimi, who graduated with a bachelor’s & master’s in Economics from Alzahra University and MBA in Branding, from Iran Brand Academy; is an innovative and proactive brand strategist with 5 years of experience in agencies. She is highly skilled in benchmarking, market analysis, and brand strategy.

Ms. Haleh Taslimi is successful at managing several different branding and communication projects. She has experience in marketing, event planning, and sales through the years.
Market researching and figuring out the Gaps, analyzing your business, and building a real identity of your brand, is what she would do for you.

  • Master’s Degree: Economics, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran, 2016
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Economics, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran, 2011
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): Branding, Iran Brand Academy, Tehran, Iran, 2019
  • Archetypes: Iran Brand Academy, Tehran, Iran, Sep 2019
  • Market Research: Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran, Jul 2019
  • Advertising Campaigns: Vije School, Tehran, Iran, Jun 2019
    • Branding Strategy Development (Advanced)
    • Market Analysis (Advanced)
    • Advertising Campaign’s Development (Advanced)
    • Negotiation (Advanced)
    • Client Servicing (Advanced)
    • Management (Advanced)
    • Microsoft Excel (Advanced)
    • CRM (Advanced)
    • ICDL (Medium)
    • Sales (Advanced)
    • Financial Market (Medium)
    • Persian (Native)
    • English (Professional Working)
    • Turkish (Elementary)
    • Arabic (Elementary)
  1. Account Department: Mullenlowe Mena, Intern, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Since Sep 2022.
  2. Brand Strategist: Freelance, Jun 2021 – Sep 2022
  3. Brand Strategist & Project Manager: 1001 Branding Agency, Tehran, Iran, Apr 2020 – Jun 2021
    • Managing the clients, developed brand including brand strategy based on market research and in-dept interviews (IDI), brand visual identity and brand communication.
    • Cooperated and worked closely with communications team to develop marketing strategies to boost brand awareness.
    • Produced management team reports.
    • Tracked industry trends and customer behavior to develop brand strategies.
    • Shared marketing and advertising expertise with clients to manage the communication campaigns.
    • Worked with designers to create brand identity, brand guidelines, print advertising and online content.
    • Engaging, entertaining and informative media scripts.
    • Conducted market research to assess potential demand and determine optimal characteristics.
    • Managed multi-channel advertising campaigns to support client’s demand.
  4. Brand & Communications Strategist: SorooshSima Agency, Tehran, Iran, May 2018 – Apr 2020
    • Applied critical thinking to analyze problems, evaluate solutions and select best decisions.
    • Promoted continuous improvement by problem-solving and sharing suggestions to optimize team operations.
    • Prepared presentation and reports and presented them to clients.
    • Supervised marketing content production and consistently met campaign targets.
    • Collaborated with marketing and sales department to create innovative strategies for optimized campaign results.
    • Managed production team.
    • Managed events based on brand strategy.
  5. Fashion Sales Associate: Behnoode, Tehran, Iran, Jun 2017 – Sep 2018
    • Monitored trends to find innovative styling solutions for customers.
    • Coordinated fashion event, showcasing products to improving exposure and brand awareness.
    • Trained and led a team of 10 stylists for Behnoode.
    • Assessed customer tastes and budgets to recommend suitable items.
    • Promoted new stock persuasively to increase high-value sales
    • Promoted from stylist to Fashion Sales Associate and event manager within 7 months period
  6. Conference and Event Planner: Mana company, Tehran, Iran, Jan 2017 – Sep 2018
    • Designed event set-up and displays client requests.
    • Registered and briefed attendees on event schedules.
    • Explained event packages, options and prices to customers.
    • Led tours for customers planning events, weddings and conferences.
    • Supervised external contractors to achieve successful events.
    • Negotiated costs with suppliers to meet budgets.
    • Determined client budget, vision and requirements through consultations.
    • Obtained client feedback to improvements for future events
  7. Sales Assistant: Abtahi Teb (Medical Equipment Company), Tehran, Iran, Jan 2015 – Mar 2017
    • Representative of the company in Iran ministry of health.
    • Processed orders and recorded transactions accurately.
    • Maintained expert product knowledge for persuasive, reliable customer guidance.
    • Collaborated with management to review and approve profitable, beneficial customer contract terms.
    • Strengthened profit opportunities through targeted customer relationship development, continually meeting sales objectives.
    • Provide advertising solutions and sponsoring events for meeting the sales goals in long-term.



The consultant's mastery of the subject 90%
The accuracy and patience of the consultant in answering 95%
Consultant's power of expression 98%
The scientific and practicality of the consultant's opinions 93%
Realize your goals from consulting 86%

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