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Alieh Purusef

Alieh Purusef

Position: Social Media Marketing & Content Creation Consultant
Languages: Persian
Categories: Branding, Marketing & Sales
Location: Alborz

If you are looking to use the maximum capabilities of the web to strengthen digital marketing and increase income as quickly as possible, get consulting from Alieh Purusef.


Alieh Purusef’s great interest in the world of art made her choose the field of graphics, against the advice of her academic advisors. The conservatory was one of the best years of his school and he enjoyed playing with color and light and creation with all his heart. This sweet experience made it easier for him to choose photography for university studies.

Mrs. Alieh Purusef spent many years in love with composition and finding visual beauty, and after that she quickly entered the job market. Being active in social networks, which is a combination of media and content, had a special attraction for him and he always enjoyed it.

Alieh Purusef is very interested in the field of UI and UX, which are tied to her visual principles and user experiences, but until now she has not been on this path.

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Photography, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, 2010-2014
  • Diploma: Graphics
  • Adobe Photoshop CC: Inverse School, 2011
  • Storytelling workshop: Sajjad Behjati, 2019
  • Digital Marketing Online Course: Adel Talebi, 2020
  • Comprehensive Course of Social Networks: Rahnama College, 2021
  • Manager of Social Media: Ghabzino (Ayan), July 2022 to November 2022
    • Formulating a presence strategy on Twitter
    • Set up a seasonal Twitter content calendar
    • Designing an advertising campaign on Twitter
    • Reaching 6 thousand impressions in less than a month with 120 followers on Twitter
    • Scenario writing of advertising videos of Ghabdino
    • Investigation and measures necessary for the growth of ASO customers in Cafe Bazaar 
  • Content Manager/Social Media Manager: Madiana, July 2022 to November 2022
    • Compilation of monthly content calendar
    • Content Creation for website landings and campaign-oriented landings
    • Writing blog articles and reports
    • Writing of post and story content in line with seasonal goals
    • Member of the creativity and idea generation team
    • Developing a social advertising strategy and communicating with the media and influencers
    • Photography and filming in line with the required content
    • Advertising video scripting
    • Ideation for gamification campaigns
    • Copywriter of all advertising texts and SMS
    • Supervision of all published texts from Madiana
    • Communication with customers in all social media channels
    • Monitoring competitors
  • Social Media Expert: Iran Kharid / Mediana App, 2014 to 2018
    • Creating website and social media content
    • Management and content production of 8 Telegram channels in various categories
    • Advertising management
    • Reaching 82 thousand followers on Instagram with minimal budget
      Influencer marketing experience
  • Photographer and Videographer: Freelance, since 2014
    • Wedding and baby photography
    • Instagram marketing and SMS marketing in order to attract customers
    • Instagram content production
  • Senior Expert in Social Media and Photographer: Ani Tasif, University of Tehran, from 2012 to 2013
    • Product photography
    • Instagram content production
    • Communication with customers on Instagram
  • Academic Advisor: Sirang Art Entrance Exam Educational Institutions, from 2010 to 2013
    • Pre-university education consultant
    • Advising on the selection of entrance exam courses
    • Counseling to attract new students
    • Content production of art tests
    • Teaching art history



The consultant's mastery of the subject 90%
The accuracy and patience of the consultant in answering 95%
Consultant's power of expression 98%
The scientific and practicality of the consultant's opinions 93%
Realize your goals from consulting 86%

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